AI Ethics Awareness Training for Non-Technical People

Training Objectives

  • Raise Awareness: Provide a clear understanding of AI ethics, its importance, and its impact on society.
  • Empower Decision-Making: Equip non-technical participants with the ability to recognize and address ethical considerations related to AI.
  • Align with EU AI Act: Highlight the connection between ethical AI practices and compliance with the EU AI Act.

Training Duration: 1 day session

Training Fee: €1500

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Module 1: Introduction to AI Ethics

  • What is AI? Understanding the basics of artificial intelligence.
  • Why AI Ethics Matters: Exploring the societal implications of AI technologies.

Module 2: Ethical Considerations in AI

  • Key Ethical Concepts: Fairness, transparency, accountability, and privacy.
  • Recognizing Ethical Dilemmas: Identifying scenarios where ethical considerations arise.

Module 3: The EU AI Act and Ethical Alignment

  • Introduction to the EU AI Act: Overview of the Act's principles and objectives.
  • Mapping Ethics to the Act: How ethical considerations align with the Act's requirements.

Module 4: Practical Ethical AI Use

  • Guidelines for Responsible AI: Practical tips for incorporating ethics into AI-related activities.
  • Ethical Communication: The importance of transparently communicating AI decisions.

Training Delivery

  • Engaging presentations with clear, non-technical language.
  • Interactive group discussions and collaborative activities.
  • Case study analyses to encourage critical thinking about ethical AI challenges.
  • Q&A sessions to address participant inquiries.
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Training Benefits

  • Enhanced understanding of AI ethics among non-technical participants.
  • Empowerment to identify and address ethical considerations in AI applications.
  • Alignment with the EU AI Act's ethical principles and compliance requirements.

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