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Join Florence AI Circle: Shaping the Future of AI Ethics, Standards, and Compliance – Inspired by Florence Nightingale's Vision


Welcome to the AI Ethics Insight Circle, a dedicated community of professionals committed to understanding and shaping the ethical landscape of artificial intelligence. Our weekly online gatherings serve as a melting pot of ideas, discussions, and networking, connecting you with experts and peers passionate about ensuring a responsible AI future.

Why you should join

Stay Informed: 
Keep abreast of the latest developments, news, regulations, and standards in AI ethics with our curated content and expert talks.
Expert Insights:
Gain exclusive access to talks by leading figures in the field of AI ethics, offering deep dives into critical topics and emerging issues.
Professional Networking:
Connect with a diverse group of professionals from various sectors, fostering relationships that can propel your career and understanding of AI ethics.
Influence the Dialogue:
Contribute to shaping the global conversation on AI ethics by participating in our interactive sessions and sharing your insights.

How we get together

 Our online weekly sessions (via zoom) are meticulously planned to maximize value and engagement. 
 Each meeting (in total 90 minutes) features a keynote talk or knowledge sharing (30 min)  from a renowned expert, followed by a facilitated discussion (30 min) where you can voice your thoughts and questions.
 The session concludes with an optional networking segment (30 min), allowing you to forge meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.

Membership Details

Fee Structure:
Fee: 50.00/m

 Join our circle through a straightforward, value-packed inaugural membership, priced at just €50 per month.

 Enjoy the privilege of attending your first session absolutely free, with no obligations.

 This fee then provides you with full access to all subsequent weekly sessions, exclusive content ( AI Ethics library), and our extensive member network.

 If you are an unemployed woman interested in developing your AI Ethics skills, please contact us for free membership opportunities.

Attention: This circle is not for individuals seeking quick financial gains through the 'business of ethics.' It is dedicated to those who genuinely care about humanity, cherish technology, and are committed to leveraging technological advancements to support and uplift humankind.

Are you ready to lead the change in AI ethics? Join the AI Ethics Insight Circle today and be part of the movement towards responsible AI.

Contact Details:

Have questions? Reach out to us at support@ethosai.ai. We're here to assist you.
Connect with us on LinkedIn to see our latest updates, member interactions, and session highlights.
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