AI Ethics Standards Training: Navigating Ethical Guidelines and Regulations

Training Objectives

  • Deepen Understanding: Provide participants with insights into various AI ethics standards, guidelines, and regulations.
  • Ethical Alignment: Highlight the importance of aligning AI practices with industry and regulatory ethics requirements.
  • EU AI Act Integration: Explore how AI ethics standards tie into compliance with the EU AI Act.

Training Duration: 15 hours (  daily 5 hours on 3 consecutive days) 

Price: €1500

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Module 1: Introduction to AI Ethics Standards (2 hours)

  • Overview of AI Ethics: Defining the key concepts and principles of ethical AI.
  • The Need for Standards: Understanding the role of standards in guiding ethical AI development.

Module 2: Major AI Ethics Standards (5 hours)

  • IEEE Ethically Aligned Design: Exploring the IEEE's guidelines for ethically aligned AI systems.
  • ISO/IEC 23894:2020: An overview of the international standard for AI ethics.

Module 3: Industry-Specific Ethics Guidelines (3 hours)

  • Sector-Specific Standards: Discussing ethical AI standards in healthcare, finance, and other industries.
  • Best Practices: Learning from industry examples and how they address ethical considerations.

Module 4: EU AI Act and Ethical Compliance (5 hours)

  • Understanding the EU AI Act: Overview of its ethical mandates and alignment with standards.
  • Integration with Standards: Mapping AI ethics standards to the requirements of the Act.

Training Delivery

  • Comprehensive presentations on various AI ethics standards and their significance.
  • Interactive discussions and case study analyses to explore practical applications.
  • Group exercises to connect AI ethics standards to real-world scenarios.
  • Q&A sessions to address participant inquiries.
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Training Benefits

  • Enhanced understanding of key AI ethics standards and guidelines.
  • Knowledge of how industry-specific standards align with general ethics principles.
  • Clear understanding of the EU AI Act's ethical mandates and their connection to standards.

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