Meet Our Ethical and Competent Team

At ETHOS AI, our strength lies in our diverse and accomplished team of experts. With a shared commitment to ethical AI practices, our team brings together a wealth of knowledge across various capability areas, ensuring that we provide comprehensive solutions to your AI ethics and compliance needs.
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Our Vision: To Make AI Technology Ethical and Accessible to All

We are driven by the vision of creating an AI-powered world that upholds the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability, while also being accessible to all. Our mission is to guide organizations in navigating the intricate landscape of AI ethics and compliance, ensuring that they not only meet regulatory requirements but also drive innovation through responsible AI practices.

Expertise Across Disciplines

  • Data: Our data experts possess a deep understanding of data management, ensuring that the foundation of your AI systems is built on accurate and reliable information.
  • Machine Learning: Our machine learning specialists leverage cutting-edge algorithms to create AI models that are not only innovative but also ethical and compliant.
  • Legal: Our legal experts navigate the intricate landscape of AI regulations, offering insights that help you adhere to the EU AI Act and related mandates.
  • Ethics: Our ethical experts guide you in making responsible AI decisions, embedding ethical considerations into every step of your AI journey.
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Gender Diversity and Global Reach

We're proud to have a team that champions diversity, with more than 50% of our experts being accomplished women. Our team spans international locations, allowing us to cater to the global nuances of AI ethics and compliance.Being transparent, fair, responsible, accountable, respecting and ensuring the privacy of everyone, having a practical and quality mindset for all of our visible and invisible activities.

Pioneers in Ethical AI

ETHOS AI  is one of the pioneering teams that co-developed international standards and certification programs for ethical AI. Our contributions have been recognized by industry peers and experts, cementing our position as thought leaders in the field.

Awards and Recognition

Our commitment to diversity, innovation, and responsible AI practices has earned us awards and accolades in the industry. We believe in leading by example and setting the standards for ethical AI practices.

Our global network of AI Ethics Experts
(technology + compliance)

Prof Ali Hessami Patricia Shaw Ruth Lewis
Prof Sarah Spiekermann Sarah Haq Mert Cuhadaroglu
Lukas Madl Takaya Terakawa Doruk Ozulu
Erum Afzal Michael Borelli Shea Brown
Philippe Couton Ryan Carrier Banu Türkmen
Aynur Saygin Salma Aziz Naz Cilo-van Norel

Ready to Collaborate?

When you collaborate with ETHOS AI you're gaining access to a team that doesn't just consult / audit / assess / train but partners with you to achieve ethical AI excellence. Contact us today to learn more about the individuals who power our team and how we can guide you towards ethical AI innovation.

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