AI Transparency and Explainability Training: Fostering Ethical Decision-Making

Training Objectives

  • Equip teams with the knowledge and skills to develop AI models that prioritize transparency and explainability.
  • Align AI development practices with the EU AI Act's emphasis on transparent decision-making processes.
  • Raise awareness about the significance of transparency and explainability in building trustworthy AI systems.

Training Duration: 1-day workshop

Training Fee: €1500

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Module 1: Introduction to AI Transparency and Explainability

  • Understanding the importance of transparency and explainability in AI decision-making.
  • Exploring how transparent and explainable AI aligns with the EU AI Act's requirements.

Module 2: Principles of Transparent AI Models

  • Exploring the fundamental principles and characteristics of transparent AI models.
  • Understanding the role of transparency in building user trust and regulatory compliance.

Module 3: Techniques for Explainable AI

  • Introducing techniques and methodologies to enhance the explainability of AI models.
  • Exploring approaches such as LIME, SHAP, and rule-based explanations.

Module 4: Legal and Ethical Landscape

  • Navigating legal and ethical considerations related to AI transparency and explainability.
  • Analyzing the relationship between transparency, fairness, and accountability.

Module 5: Interpretable Model Development

  • Practical guidance for developing AI models with built-in transparency and explainability features.
  • Hands-on exercises in using interpretable algorithms and visualization techniques.

Module 6: The EU AI Act and Transparent Decision-Making

  • Deep diving into the EU AI Act's mandates related to transparent decision-making.
  • Mapping AI development practices to the Act's transparency and explainability requirements.

Module 7: Interactive Workshops and Case Studies

  • Collaborative discussions on the challenges and benefits of transparent AI models.
  • Analyzing real-world case studies that highlight the impact of explainability on AI deployment.

Module 8: Implementation Strategies

  • Defining strategies to implement transparent and explainable AI practices within your organization.
  • Addressing potential obstacles and creating an action plan for integration.

Training Delivery

  • Engaging presentations by experts in AI transparency and ethics.
  • Hands-on exercises to apply techniques for explainable AI model development.
  • Group discussions to share insights and perspectives on transparent AI practices.
  • Q&A sessions to clarify concepts and address participant inquiries.
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Training Benefits

  • Enhanced understanding of transparent and explainable AI concepts.
  • Skill development in implementing AI models with built-in transparency features.
  • Alignment with the EU AI Act's transparency and explainability requirements.
  • Empowerment to build AI systems that foster trust and accountability.

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