Show Notes for Episode 1:

 Let's Talk About GenderLESS AI

Introduction to the Series

Naz van Norel
 Episode Theme
Exploring the concept of genderless AI and its importance for the future of ethical AI development.
 Key Message
Delving into the complexities, challenges, and the vast potential for positive change through ethical AI.

Episode Highlights

The Foundation of Genderless AI
An introduction to why gender neutrality in AI is crucial for ethical development and the potential for positive change.
Insights and Knowledge
A deep dive into the current state of gender disparities within the tech sphere, underscored by personal motivations and the vision for a gender-neutral AI future.
Practices in the Field
Discussion on good and bad practices encountered in AI development, with a focus on promoting ethical, safe, and affordable AI.
Listener Engagement
Encouragement for audience questions and participation to fuel future discussions.
Call to Action
Invitation for listeners to share the podcast and engage with the community to support the mission of bridging the gender gap in AI.
 Featured Sections
Ethical Dimensions of AI: Spotlight on "AI Procured," an innovative certification program by TÜV SÜD aimed at promoting ethical AI development.
Listener Q&A: An open invitation for listener engagement, with encouragement to send in questions and suggestions on genderless AI.
 Closing Remarks:
A reflection on the journey toward ethical AI, emphasizing the role of genderless AI in creating a more inclusive and equitable future.
Next Episode Teaser: Continuation of exploring ethical dimensions of AI, promising new topics and insights on technology's potential for positive change.
 Engagement and Support
Listeners are encouraged to share the podcast, send in questions, and join the mission to eliminate the gender gap with AI.
Contact Information: Reach out to for questions and feedback.
Outro: A heartfelt thank you to listeners, with a reminder of the collective power to shape the future of AI.
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