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Learn how to address ethical challenges in autonomous intelligent systems while improving your current business model: join a community of like-minded AI Ethics practitionars.

Training objectives

This course has been developed both for technical and non-technical people who work in the AI ecosystem.

Participants will
1. know and understand AI and its basic functions, how to use AI applications in everyday life ethically. 

2. Learn and apply ethics to AI technology. AI ethics Human-centered considerations (e.g., Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethical Privacy, Algorithmic Bias)
3. Know globally recognized AI Ethics standards and how to get certified

Who is the training for?

There are no prerequisites for attending the training. Graduates of the training are prepared at best to continue their journey to become AI Ethics certified assessors, auditors.

Participation is encouraged for those interested in advancing their knowledge in AI Ethics including: 
Product Managers, Public officers, Compliance Officers, Governance Managers, Business Analyst, AI Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Product Managers, Technology Consultants, Data Protection Managers, Quality Managers, Risk Managers, Software Developers, System Administrators, Purchasing Managers, Management Consultants, Information Security Managers, Process Auditors

Training instructors


Prof. Ali Hessami

Ali Hessami is currently the Director of R&D and Innovation at Vega Systems, London, UK. He has an extensive track record in systems assurance and safety, security, sustainability, knowledge assessment/management methodologies. 


Patricia Shaw

CEO and Founder of Beyond Reach Consulting Limited, UK
Trish advises and trains organisations internationally on Responsible AI (AI/data ethics, policy, governance), and Corporate Digital Responsibility.


Ruth Lewis

BsC Electrical Engineering, Graduate Diploma Digital Communications, MsC Strategic Foresight
Principal of Technology Foresight
Ruth is an experienced strategic IT consultant, qualified futurist and professional engineer with 30+ years of experience. She is the Chair of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) Standards Committee.

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