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Welcome to ETHOS AI
Your ETHICAL and COMPETENT Partner for EU AI Act Compliance

At ETHOS AI, our vision is to create an AI-powered world that upholds the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability. Our mission is to guide organizations in navigating the intricate landscape of AI ethics and compliance, ensuring that they not only meet regulatory requirements but also drive innovation through responsible AI practices.
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Who We Serve

We partner with organizations of all sizes, across industries, who seek consulting and training support to ensure compliance with the EU AI Act. From startups to established enterprises, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Services


Pre-Audit Consulting for EU AI Act Compliance

Prepare for upcoming audits under the EU AI Act with our expert guidance. We assist organizations in ensuring that their AI systems align seamlessly with the Act's transparency, accountability, and risk assessment standards. Gain a competitive edge by proactively addressing compliance gaps.


AI Governance Frameworks, Policy, and Regulation

Navigate the intricate terrain of AI governance with ease. Develop holistic AI governance frameworks that align meticulously with the EU AI Act's requirements. Our guidance ensures accountability, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance are at the heart of your AI endeavors.


Ethical AI Strategy Development

Forge a path to responsible AI with our strategic guidance. Craft AI strategies that incorporate ethical considerations, harmonizing effortlessly with the principles outlined in the EU AI Act. Align your AI initiatives with ethical principles while driving innovation.


Proactive Risk Assessment for EU AI Act Compliance

Stay ahead of compliance challenges with our proactive risk assessment. Our assessments identify potential compliance gaps and provide effective strategies to address them. Elevate your AI's ethical integrity with strategic risk management.


International Audits and Assessment for AI Ethics Compliance

Ensure global ethical standards shape your AI solutions. Our expert assessments evaluate your AI systems against required ethical standards, boosting transparency, compliance, and trustworthiness in your offerings.


GDPR Compliance Audits for AI

Integrate data protection seamlessly into your AI solutions. Our audits ensure AI systems align with GDPR regulations, safeguarding data privacy and compliance. Trust in your AI's ethical practices, both in data protection and privacy.


Ethical Data Quality Audit

Fortify your AI's foundation with our data quality audit. Identify biases, inaccuracies, and ethical concerns within your data to ensure the integrity and transparency of your AI systems.

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Why Choose ETHOS AI

  • Diverse Expertise: Our AI Ethics Team is a dynamic blend of experts across various capability areas including Data, Machine Learning, Legal, and Ethics. With this comprehensive approach, we provide multifaceted solutions that encompass the entire spectrum of AI ethics and compliance.
  • Gender Diversity: Notably, our AI Ethics Team proudly comprises more than 50% accomplished female experts. This diversity fuels innovation and provides a well-rounded approach to AI ethics and compliance.
  • Global Reach: Spanning across international locations, our team brings together insights from various regions, enabling us to address the nuanced challenges of AI ethics and compliance on a global scale.
  • Pioneering Standards: We take pride in being one of the pioneering teams that actively co-developed international standards and certification programs in AI ethics, including those for the EU AI Act. Our core competence lies in ensuring that organizations are prepared to meet these standards seamlessly.

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Our Achievements

  • Designed the Assessor Training for the IEEE CertifAIed Program, an internationally recognized standard and certification initiative focusing on ethical AI in line with the EU AI Act.
  • Coordinated and executed trainings for four global cohorts, offering virtual instructor-led sessions complemented by a concluding examination.
  • Acknowledged as thought leaders in AI ethics, frequently contributing insights to esteemed industry journals and speaking at conferences.
  • Established a global network comprising AI Ethics professionals such as Consultants, Lecturers, Trainers, Auditors, Assessors, and Developers.

Training instructors


Prof. Ali Hessami

Director of R&D and Innovation at Vega Systems, London, UK.
Ali Hessami is currently the Director of R&D and Innovation at Vega Systems, London, UK. He has an extensive track record in systems assurance and safety, security, sustainability, knowledge assessment/management methodologies. 


Patricia Shaw

CEO and Founder of Beyond Reach Consulting Limited, UK
Trish advises and trains organisations internationally on Responsible AI (AI/data ethics, policy, governance), and Corporate Digital Responsibility.

Our Cooperation  Partners

We have been collaborating with pioneering teams and organizations in the AI Ethics field since inception. We are dedicated to assembling the right experts for your teams, tailored to your specific requirements. Here are some of our esteemed cooperation partners for the consulting and training projects:

Ready to Embrace Ethical Excellence?

Join the forefront of responsible AI innovation with ETHOS AI. We're dedicated to helping organizations like yours navigate the complex regulatory landscape while fostering ethical AI development. Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your AI journey.

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